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You're My Husband ! What !? - Chapter 4

Hi everyone. I'm very sorry for the long wait again. I just keep falling sick & stuck with other life stuffs that I can't update as much as I want. I'm really sorry to all this story readers & I'll try my best to update the next chapter fast. Thank you for waiting, enjoy :)

Title:You're My Husband! WHAT?
Pairing: JaeMin
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance & Comedy
Warning: Mpreg
Summary: When two heartbroken idiot cross path with a little of alcohol & craziness in the mix, what happened? Chaos, of course!
Unbeta like usual, excuse my mistakes :)

Chapter 4

Changmin wasn't sure if he should be amazed or disgusted by the fact that the pregnant male beside him just eaten half a cake with curry has his dipping sauce.

"Jaejoong, are you sure of eating that only for lunch?" Changmin question, wondering why with the weird combo for lunch when they have a wide spread of delicious dishes in front of them.

"Yup,why?" Jaejoong question back, really not affected by the weird out look his fake husband was throwing at him for the past 20 minutes.

"No, it can't be healthy for you to only eat that for lunch." Changmin reason, knowing well that Jaejoong should at least have an healthy diet even if he is not that knowledgeable about pregnancy care.

"Are you saying I'm fat?" Jaejoong exclaim, glaring at the superstar which spook the hell out of Changmin because he finally found the reason how the male beside him is link to Mr Kim, those spooky eyes.

"'s just.." Changmin stutter, gulping on his own saliva especially after seeing those glares turns teary in almost an instant, he just have to dig his own grave every time.

Changmin quickly turns to Jonghyun & the nameless maid beside him for help but instead the two backed away with apologetic looks on them.

"You are on your own." Jonghyun mouthed, earning an eye roll from the annoyed superstar.

"Thanks, genius." Changmin mouthed back sarcastically, wondering why did he even bother asking help from the idiot that got him here in the first place.

Jonghyun smile in return, giving the frustrated other two thumbs up causing Changmin to mentally smack the back of the oblivious butler head.

The superstar quickly turn his attention back to the tearing & sulking Jaejoong, definitely not a sight that he want the Kim couple to witness.

"Think fast, Changmin! Fast!" Changmin shouted in his mind, trying to find a way to safe himself & finally his eyes landed on Jaejoong's hand phone wallpaper.

"Jae,do you want to watch an elephant documentary after lunch?" Changmin offer, trying to see if he manage to distract his fake husband.

"Yes!" Jaejoong squeal happily, his eyes are now sparkling in excitement at the offer before continue indulging on his curry dipped cake.

Changmin glup down his drink in relief, glad the other totally forgot about his own accusation on him.

"Wow! You are good,sir. It's not easy dealing with a sulking Young Master. " The nameless maid remark, popping up right beside Changmin to refill his drink.

Before Changmin could reply the other, Jaejoong suddenly pop up beside the maid with an evil glare which also scare the hell out of them both.

"H..ow?..Wasn't he...eating.." Changmin stutter out in disbelieve, turning to look at the now empty seat beside him.

"Yah! Lee Taemin, are you flirting with my husband now?" Jaejoong accuse, eyeing the wronged maid.

"No..hyung..I mean Young Master!" Taemin shout back in defence, shaking his head at the statement.

"Hyung?" Changmin exclaim in confusion, scanning the maid from top to bottom again just in case his eyes was playing tricks on him.

"Yes, Taemin is a boy. I thought you would know by now." Jonghyun explain, popping up on the other side of the confuse star.

"Eh? A boy? I don't! he.." Changmin said, eyes looking at the outfit Taemin was currently wearing.

"Ah! Only me & Jae hyung knows about him. His twin sister run away so he is currently replacing her, which Master & Madam is not aware off." Jonghyun continue, totally understand his new young master confusion.

"I'm glad for the introduction but a little help here!" Taemin hiss in annoyance, feeling that it's more appropriate to save him from Jaejoong's death glares rather that introducing him.

Both of them turns their attention back to the glaring Jaejoong & scared Taemin, just to see the younger was breaking into cold sweats while backing away from the approaching angered pregnant male.

"Jae, stop scaring him. He was just refilling my drink." Changmin reason, getting up & pulling the angered male away from the poor maid.

"Oh, now you are siding him? Of course, I'm fat & he is beautiful, right?" Jaejoong exclaim, pouting at the superstar before pulling himself out of Changmin's hold.

"No, Jae! I didn't mean anything like that." Changmin rebut, trying to grab hold of the other wrist once again but Jaejoong easily shake him off.

"I HATE YOU!" Jaejoong shout before stomping away from the dinning table, leaving a frustrated Changmin, helpless Jonghyun & Taemin behind.

"Aish hyung, why do you have to ruin everything again?" Jonghyun remarked, earning him a smack on the back of his head before the superstar walk off with a sigh.

"Seriously, hyung? You are not helping here." Taemin sigh, shaking his head at his idiotic hyung before walking off to start clearing off the table.

"What? Did I say something wrong?" Jonghyun mutter, rubbing the spot he was smack by Changmin.

While in the living room, Jaejoong is busy sulking at his idiotic fake husband.

"I work so hard to not introduce them but it is all wasted." He grumble to his huge elephant plushie, totally unware of the curious superstar approaching him on the sofa.

Changmin was relief when he finally spotted the other seated on the living room, glad that Jaejoong didn't run away to somewhere far. As he reached closer towards Jaejoong, he couldn't help to overhear the other grumbling.

"What is wasted,Jae?" Changmin question, startling the sulking male but Jaejoong ignore the other & continue fiddling with his plushie.

Changmin smile seeing how hard the other try hard to act like he wasn't affect by he sudden appearance, he instantly plopped himself beside the pregnant male.

"Hmmm..i think i read somewhere that if during pregnancy you always sulk, the baby will come out ugly." Changmin tease,  noticing the expression change on Jaejoong.

"You wouldn't want an ugly baby right,Jae?" Changmin continue, instantly earn an eager nod from Jaejoong whose now grinning brighter than sunshine.

"Bingo! He is distracted. Why do you have to be such a genius, Shim Changmin?" The superstar self praise himself in his mind, knowing he deserve it after a tiring day today.

"Alright, let's watch the documentary" Changmin announce happily, grabbing the remote while Jaejoong excitedly cheer before snuggling himself on Changmin's chest.

Changmin is surprise by the other sudden action but he was sure he can slowly get use to this, being surrounded by comforting warmness.

By the time they are done, almost 2 hours have pass & it amazed Changmin on how he still manage to stay awake until in the end when they watching those boring elephants.

"Isn't that fun?" Jaejoong exclaim like a child, eyes shining in happiness as he look at Changmin.

Changmin could only nod even though his eyes was kinda of stuck on Jaejoong instead of the tv, it was sure fun staring at the attractive other rather than watching elephants.

Jaejoong giggle in happiness upon receiving the nod, it was actually the first time somebody could stand watching those kind of documentary with him because they find it too boring.

"Jae ah, I'm feeling thirsty. Gonna go & grab a drink, you want one?" Changmin offer, feeling his throat dried up after spending time in front of the tv.

"No need, we have Taemin for that." Jaejoong said, stopping the other before calling out for the younger.

"Yes, Young Master." Taemin promptly reply, almost instantly popping up beside the couch, panting like crazy.

"Are you alright?" Jaejoong ask, noticing the exhausted look on the younger face.

"Yes, I was just working on the garden when you call." Taemin reply, giving a tired smile to reassure his hyung.

"I see, can you grab for us some drinks? Anything will do." Jaejoong said, earning a quick nod from Taemin.

"Why don't you enjoy the drinks at the backyard, hyung? It seems to be breezy & cooling outside, a good chance to chill." Taemin suggest, knowing well Jaejoong like that kind of weather.

"Alright, you can just serve us the drinks outside then." Jaejoong reply, liking the idea so much.

"Come on, I'll show you my favourite spot." The pregnant male exclaim, getting up excitedly once Taemin had disappeared off to get their drinks.

Changmin once again nod before trailing behind his fake husband towards the balcony & into the wide backyard, surprising the superstar at how beautiful & relaxing the surrounding is.

"Wow, it is so beautiful here." Changmin remark, eyes wondering around at the wide area with a garden & fountain located at the far right end while a huge pool was located not to far from where they were standing.

Jaejoong could only smile seeing the other amaze expression, he quickly grab hold of Changmin's hand & lead him on to a tree located not to far from the garden.

"Here, my favourite spot. I'm always on this swing when I accompany my omma out here when I was a kid. Take a seat." Jaejoong exclaim, quickly plopping himself down while urging Changmin to do the same.

"This looks classic, did you dad made it for you?" Changmin question, taking a seat carefully beside Jaejoong while his eyes admiring the swing.

"Yup, my omma used to like working on the garden so I will always tagged along but I get bored easily so appa build this for me so I can play with it while accompanying omma out here." Jaejoong explain, smiling at the fond memories he spend outside here on the swing & with his omma.

Changmin couldn't help but feel a little jealous of Jaejoong, he seems to have many fond memories with his parents while he, himself barely had none but he couldn't blame anyone for his lacking.

 At a young age of 5, he lost his parents in a car crash & he was taken in by his uncle that was very much interested in the inheritance left behind by his parents.

He grew up without much love & care, he didn't get to feel what kids his age felt. Once he reached 18, he left that house after compensating them for taking care of him all these years & move into an apartment of his own.

When he finally meet Kyuhyun in collage, he slowly learn how it felt like to love & be loved by someone.

Changmin promise himself that he will hold on tight to Kyuhyun & build a family with him in the future but now he wasn't sure if Kyuhyun could be committed to him like how he was to Kyuhyun all these while.

"Choikang! Are you listening?" Jaejoong's voice was heard, snapping the superstar out of his daze.

"Oh..sorry, what did you say?" Changmin apologize, smiling sheepishly at the other.

"Here, your drink." Jaejoong said, passing one of the drinks in his hold to Changmin.

"Thanks." Changmin instantly reply, accepting the cold drink before they both start sipping on their drinks in silence while enjoying the breeze.

"Is tiring,right?" Jaejoong suddenly exclaim, breaking the comfortable silence between them.

The superstar throws him a questioning look, not sure what the other referring too.

"Being by my side, it is tiring right?" Jaejoong continue, looking at the man beside him with seriousness on his face.

Changmin was quite taken a back by the sudden seriousness, after staying here for almost 2 week he had not yet to see this side of Jaejoong.

"Nope, it had been a lot of fun. Why do you say that?" Changmin reply after he manage to arrange his words in his head, trying his best not to say the wrong thing.

"I don't know, I was just thinking that even the man that I love couldn't bear being by my side through all these then how about you, a stranger that have no obligation to be with me. It must be tiring for you." Jaejoong said, his expression suddenly change to sadness & guilt.

"Hey, listen.." Changmin exclaim, taking Jaejoong's free hand into his while smiling gently at the other.

"You never force me...maybe a little but still I had options. I could run away if I wanted too but I choose to stay. I thought that maybe it is fate, just maybe we are fated to meet through that crazy night & be pillar of support for each other. We might start out as strangers but who knows we might just end up to be best friends. So don't think negative thoughts like that, it is not good for you." Changmin continue, squeezing Jaejoong's hand as a form of reassurance.

"Thanks, Choikang." Jaejoong whisper, leaning his head on Changmin's shoulder.

Jaejoong wasn't sure why but he felt at ease when he is around the other, like as if Changmin took his stress & worries away.

The 'couple' end up in silence, enjoying the breeze while their hand still entangle in each other without knowing the Kim couple was watching them from the balcony.

"Yeobo, seems like Changmin really understand Joongie well,right?" Mrs Kim comment, smiling at the sweet sight in front of her.

"I hate to admit it but I think this Shim kid isn't bad after all." Mr Kim admit causing his wife to giggle at his words.

"You are slowly liking him, right Yeobo?" Mrs Kim tease, knowing her husband won't admit.

"No...he is still annoying for getting all of Joongie's attention." Mr Kim rebut before escaping from his wife while Mrs Kim could only chuckle at his husband childish behaviour.

"Jonghyun ah.." Mrs Kim call out once she saw the butler, instantly the younger approach her.

"Can you please get Choikang to meet me in the Master's study & please distract your Young Master. We need to speak to Choikang alone. Understand?" Mrs Kim order, earning a nod from Jonghyun before he zoom off towards the couple.

Mrs Kim successfully drag Mr Kim to his study where Changmin was already waiting, the couple could sense the tension the moment they enter the room.

"Where is Joongie?" Mrs Kim ask after the couple settle down, checking to see if Jonghyun mange to distract her son.

"He went to check out the baby items with Jonghyun." Changmin explain, wondering why the weird tension.

"Alright, do you know why we want to see you?" Mrs Kim question, which earn a shook from the superstar.

"Shim Changmin, that is your real name right?" Mrs Kim exclaim, surprising the superstar.

"Ho..w?" Changmin stutter, he was too surprise to even say the word properly.

"We did a run on your background & we found out you are not even Joongie's partner. Can you explain it to us?" Mrs Kim explain, feeling bad for the poor boy in front of her.

"I don't know the whole story but from what Jaejoong told me, his real partner didn't want to be responsible for him & the baby so he comeback here alone. We both somehow end up in the same club & the next morning, I was already in this house. In the mist of all the confusion, he told me that his parent might have mistaken me for his partner & ask my help to pretend until he have the courage to tell both of you the truth. I'm so sorry , Mr & Mrs Kim." Changmin explain once he could arrange his words, feeling bad for lying to the couple.

"My poor son..he don't deserve all these." Mrs Kim exclaim, feeling sad for her Joongie.

"I'm gonna kill that guy if I ever see him." Mr Kim hiss, anger brewing in him after hearing what his son gone through.

"Changmin ah, can you please take good care of Joongie until he is ready to tell us everything." Mrs Kim said gently, surprising the superstar with her words.

"But aren't you suppose to be angry with me? I lied to you." Changmin exclaim, knowing that he deserve hatred & not kindness from the couple.

"We were at first but after hearing your explanation, I'm sure you will do a great job taking care of Joongie like you already did for the past 1 week plus." Mrs Kim said, smiling at Changmin.

"Thank you." Changmin thank, feeling glad that Jaejoong's parents are understanding towards the situation.

"And if you ever hurt Joongie, you will be dead. Understand?" Mr Kim added, a small smile on his face.

"Yes,Mr Kim." Changmin reply, returning the elder smile.

"You may go now." Mrs Kim said, causing Changmin to nod & get up from his seat before approaching the door.

"Oh..and Changmin, please inform Joongie that we are going to the beach this weekend." Mrs Kim inform, earning another nod from the superstar before he disappear out of the room.

"Now, let's hunt down that Park Yoochun kid. I'm gonna make sure he suffer for hurting my baby." Mrs Kim exclaim, smirking at the thought while Mr Kim could only gulp down on his saliva.

"Seems like he will be dead before I get to him." Mr Kim mutter to himself, fully aware that his wife is 10 times more dangerous & scarier than him when angered.

While in Jaejoong's room, he was looking through the items his parents bought when suddenly his phone rings, he check his screen just to see an unfamiliar number flashing.

"Hello.." Jaejoong answer, wondering who is it was calling him.

"Jae baby, miss me?" A familiar voice was hear from the other side, a voice Jaejoong knows by heart.

"Yoo..c..hun?" Jaejoong stutter, surprise to hear the voice of the man he love once again.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

Seems like somebody already back in the picture...what will happen to JaeMin? Keep a look out on next update & please leave me your thoughts on this chapter.

Seeya :) peach_gerl16

Tags: jaejoong/changmin, ongoing! yamhwht?
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